Collection Manisha

I love to consistently captivate personal style and mine is a combination of instantly recognizable, modern rocker – bohemian and at the same time classic chic outfits. For me a piece of cloth has to be uncomplicated, comfortable, simple and simultaneously easy to combine with other clothes and eye-catching accessories.

Hence the Manisha model was born. The collection consists of one fabulously and deliberately uncomplicated and unique dress made of traditional Indian sari fabric and originally created in my signature joie de vivre – style. My India inspiration is immediately apparent through the strong used colours, extravagant patterns and unusual combination of basic yet fancy expression.

The effect of wearing a Manisha dress is glamorous yet romantic, sexy yet sophisticated because it offers you boundless ways of combining one single piece of garment. In a few painless moments of online shopping you will effortlessly combine matching earrings and be perfectly dressed for a shopping trip in the city, a dramatic downtown night out or a romantic walk in the park or on the beach.

The Manisha dresses are produced in a beautiful little village in the heart of Rajasthan/ India, where I intensively got to know the Indian mentality, culture, religion and country people. My tailor, who is leading a tiny clothes-manufacturing company with three employees (I guarantee no children work), transformed the traditional Indian sari into a Manisha dress according to my visions and design. Working together with him I am also trying to support his business and help him and his family, as live conditions are poor.

The above-mentioned matching earrings are produced in collaboration with New York and Delhi based jewellery companies and are chosen to finish your extravagant and stunning Manisha look.

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