Welcome to www.silviagattin.com’s blog, welcome to the orient express that will bring your closet extraordinary pieces from the most beautiful places on earth

Dear readers,

I believe that life’s mystery and mission and above all sense is to do whatever makes mankind happy.

As I soon recognized and developed my passion for fabrics and design within fashion, interior design and visual merchandising I always wanted to combine business theory with creativity. After graduating from university and an excursion into the finance world of today’s global industry players I decided to totally dedicate myself to my passion and therefore set up my online shop.

Inspiration is found above all in ethnic designs. My approach is a mix of colorful oriental, occidental, bohemian, hippie aesthetics and the result of extensive travel and summers spent on the Croatian coast.

The concept behind this refreshing online destination is to quarterly change the inspiring country (such as starter incredible India) and consistently broaden the product range that will vary from clothes and accessories for him and her to home furnishings. I am continuously looking for extraordinary pieces and stories and want to share these and particularly delight those who stay at home with fantastic souvenir – objects, travel insider tips and trends.

In that case: stay tuned, sign up to receive newest news on what’s going on around the online shop and look forward the future projects, products and paparazzi-trips to Morocco, Mexico and Co. on www.silviagattin.com.

One Comment

  1. Tihana Stepinac Fabijanic

    Draga Silvia,
    super mi je tvoja ideja, kreativnost i poduzetnicki duh (nije na Stepince?!). Ukljucujem se za buduce narudžbe, eventualno i moja Luci koja sada ceka drugo dijete (saljem i prijateljici) – zanimati ce me daljnji razvoj ovog posla. Imam necakinju modnu dizajnericu ali također nema poslovnog ‘štiha’. Svakako je interesantno upijati ideje po svijetu, od Indije nadalje, uključujući Hrvatsku, svakako. Ja pak nastojim moje ideje plasirati kroz udrugu ECOVAST (www.ecovast.hr ) koju vodim na europskom planu. Cestitke tebi uz puno pozdrava, kao i svima tvojima,
    Tihana Fabijanic

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