Al Kawtar, founded in 2006, is a non-profit association that offers full day care (including meals, technical, medical and personal assistance) and occupies disabled young girls and women who have learned traditional Moroccan embroidery and other handicraft techniques.

The midterm aim is to provide these women with the possibility to independently earn their living in a safe environment. In addition Al Kawtar seeks to promote literacy as well as self-esteem and the overall spiritual and physical well being of all its members.

Al Kawtar’s women use only 100% natural fibres, cotton, linen and other vegetal fibres, some of which are even imported to secure the high quality standard. All products, ranging from towels, bed sheets, table cloths and runners, kaftans, babies’ suits and dresses, are embroidered, knit or crocheted with great detail and love.

The napkins for’s Atelier Maroc collection were chosen to complete the home décor product range while the whole price is donated to Al Kawtar to support the ladies and guarantee their future.

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