THE WAIT IS OVER: the new MANISHA RELOADED collection is online on

Although the idea behind is to regularly change a new inspiring country Silvia nevertheless decided, also due to the fulminant success of the first Manisha collection, to travel again to her beloved country India and to repeat and develop further the work with India’s traditional saris. “Manisha Reloaded” – the new collection was born. Just in time for long evenings and warm weather, which can mean only one thing: summer has arrived!

In addition to last year’s Manisha dress, a deliberately uncomplicated gown made of unique traditional Indian sari fabric, the current collection offers also two models of tunics trimmed in vivid colourful silk being a beautifully bohemian vacation choice. These light-as-air gowns are a sensational way to work a hippie-inspired silhouette and are designed to accompany your bikini for pool- and seaside chic or your tank top and jeans for long urban summer nights.

The “Manisha Reloaded” collection is limited while every piece is unique.

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