silviagattin wishes you a Merry Christmas

Dear dearest and nearest,

At Christmas and thus at the end of the year I always feel like we are able to look into the past and check if we walked on a straight line, a line with its ups and downs. I am proud to say, we did. With 10.000 unique visitors from all over the world, an average visiting time of 4 minutes and packages sent to customers in more than 10 countries believing a piece of young design and mostly Abdillah Boots is more valuable than any high-street or main stream piece of clothing, I think made a good job.

So where will we go in 2012? I don’t know (and I have to admit to love the thrill and surprises behind it), but trust me, I will stay on that path which brought me here…

Mentioning the Abdillah Boots: I am deeply sorry to have to ask you all to wait for so long for new models to come, but now I can really say: the wait is over. From end of next week new boots will be online for sale (watch out for the new newsletter) and those in Vienna are invited and can start to arrange appointments in my office starting from December 27th. Beginning with the new year I can guarantee regular deliveries and quality improvements and even new models and accessories. Stay tuned.

Furthermore, I believe that gifts are probably the most beautiful tradition at Christmas time. However, even more beautiful is to make a present to those who urgently need it. Thus decided to spend the money normally invested in presents and cards for business partners for UNICEF’s Shop for Life.

In the hope of having acted in your sense as well I thank all my team for the wonderful collaboration and my family and friends for your support this year.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY AND FULFILLED 2012! Don’t forget to always follow your heart and intuition!

Yours, Silvia

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