ABDILLAH BOOTS – the ultimate shoe care guide for your kilim boots’ long, long life

Abdillah Kilim Boots are traditionally authentic handmade leather boots with unique vintage kilims or rugs collected from all over Morocco. They are a special piece in your stylish wardrobe making every outfit undeniably cool.

To ensure a long lifetime you have to take good care of your boots that from now on will live their own life with your feet and develop their own characteristics. As leather is a natural fiber, therefor breathes and is not waterproof by nature, we recommend to waterproof your Abdillah Boots with a protector spray.  Furthermore now and then put some quality polish or wax to nourish the kilim boots leather.

Abdillah Boots have a leather sole and are from now on (“The New Generation”) protected with rubber soles for your secure steps on rainy and snowy days.

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