We are in the mood for spring and summer and wanted you to share this happy clappy season start with us and some.. COLOR! proudly presents the new MASAI JEWELS-SHOP FOR A CAUSE project and its colorful collection of indigenous artistry and ancient design paying homage to African Masai women to  maintain their age-old art form.

We herewith support the ATP Cooperation (Austrian Tanzanian Womens Production) and their project “ATREE” which stands for premium handcrafted products produced by women under social conditions at one of the world’s most beautiful places: between Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. ATP’s focus is to help these women by enabling an education followed by a workplace, including medical care and thus rising their self-respect and position within their families and society.

Our goal is to bring attention to these local indigeneous Masai communities in our ever growing first world. So.. SHOP FOR A CAUSE. Proceeds from your purchase go to those who need it most, helping to sustain locals and above all usher centuries-old traditions into our future.

More impressions from ATP and ATREE:

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