When two minds are alike: welcome Abury and the new cooperation

During my very first trip to magical Marrakech I had the chance to visit the beautiful Riad Ana Yela where I got to know Andrea Kolb. Together with her husband she opened up this breathtaking, small, 300-year-old city palace hotel in the heart of the Medina, the historic city of Marrakech. Besides she is also the founder of ABURY, an accessory brand with the statement for a new, value-oriented, sensual and authentic luxury which captures and shares the zest for life of various cultures. Last year Andrea asked me if I would be interested in a cooperation between ABURY and http://www.silviagattin.com as we follow the same paths leading to fairy tale cultures full of tradition, vitality and a connection to Mother Nature. We both wish to make people curious and to win hearts – with handicrafts, tradition, cultural heritage, as well as with a spirit for delicacy, intricacy and individuality, and with people’s passionate love of life and enthusiasm, the pure creative pleasure of artisans and the fascination of unknown, hidden cultures.

The ABURY Bag Collection for http://www.silviagattin.com consists of unique leather bags and clutches, each handmade following centuries old craftsmanship yet meeting modern design. Every piece is produced by Berber people living in the Atlas for ages. The wisdom of this folk has been passed from generation to generation via stories.

In a true collaborative partnership with the local artisans ABURY ensures that not only fair prices and working conditions are secured, but also shares the profits they realize. With this money the Berbers are able to implement community-projects, such as wells, libraries, etc. Thus ABURY aims for a community-oriented form of production that enables the people in the villages to be independent and make a living by creating unique items. ABURY believes that the regions the Berbers are living in are not actually poor, but rich.

The immaterial values, traditional skills and cultural assets which developing regions can contribute to the global community are immeasurably enriching, infinitely fascinating and uniquely valuable. Unfortunately, these cultural values are about to disappear. Industrial mass production replaces more and more traditional craftsmanship. If we are able to save, promote and make these treasures available to a wider public, we will also help to revive traditional skills, promote self-sufficiency and encourage education.

You can help saving and promoting these treasures. Think of a better world and support by shopping for a cause: http://www.silviagattin.com!

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