I have been asked very often in the last few years who exactly is producing my products as people are used to read on every garment “Made in China/Cambodia/India/etc.” and immediately think of child labor and mass production. Unfortunately. The society we live in adjusted to a fast/mass and above all cheap product consumption. And this is exactly the point where I and my concept and online shop http://www.silviagattin.com want to tie in and try to make the world a better place by promoting awareness, sustainability and prosperity in developing communities.

In these times of computerized mass production we believe it’s important to highlight the imprint of the human hand and materials that are converted with strong confidence of every hand movement into breath-taking products. All our items are unique and vibrant and build the focus behind the concept to support rare originals and above all traditional hand-craft techniques.

We are deeply committed to forging partnerships with artisans and identified remarkable craftspeople and sophisticated levels of skill during our travels all over the world: sari silk specialists in Rajasthan, India; kilim production in Marrakech, Morocco; Rebozo weaving in Mexico, Mexico; hand-loom silk weaving at the Inle Lake, Burma/Myanmar; hilltribe fabric production in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Let’s try all together to shine a light on the rare artistry found in various communities and to stimulate those local economies by wearing timeless handmade accessories of impeccable quality and style.

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