The days are slowly getting shorter, the leaves started to turn into the most breathtaking colors and the sun is shining a magical October light. Hello, fall!

We wanted to get you in the right mood for the new season and therefore sourced the brand new Silvia Gattin accessory: the trans-seasonal coverup – our HIMALAYA VESTS.

Handmade around Srinagar, in northern India (Jammu and Kashmir state), where the foothills of the Himalaya say hello to various Indian tribes and urge the inhabitants to dress weather wise accordingly, these vests are made of high quality local sheep leather and rabbit fur and are beautifully embroidered with traditional stitches. They are made to take you all the way through the coming colder months. Layer them with a t-shirt or throw them over your favorite tunika and sweater or even leather jacket for some extra warmth and a cozy-bohemian chic-cool look.

All models are named after meaningful and mystical sanskrit terms and will accompany you with your individual mantra:

SATYA = truth, the real / ANANDA = bliss, happiness, joy / JALA = water / KAMA = physical love, desire / MULA = origin, base / RAVI MARGA = path of the sun

We wish you a wonderful fall season with http://www.silviagattin.com! Namaste!

Himalaya Vest


Poppy Delevingne in fur-lined gilet

Styling inspiration by Poppy Delevingne in fur-lined gilet (source: dailymail.co.uk)

Gilet/Vest 02 04 06 08 10

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