Thank you, 2013!

Christmas and hence the end of the year is always the time I am getting retrospective and am looking back at the year that just passed by too fast: what happened, what did I achieve, where did I travel, who crossed my path, what did I learn, who left and came back again, how my business developed, who made me lough, who made me cry, with whom did I dance the whole night through etc. 

2013 was a blast. In every sense. And all of you made it that special. This is why I want to thank every single person that came into my life (Clarissa, Nuno, …) and has been here forever (my family, my girls, my friends, my love, my Babsi, …) for your inspiration, support, strength and love. Without you and my life would not be where I and my business are standing at the moment. 

I wish you all a blessed Christmas, surround yourself with people from your heart,  and I hope I will see and work with all of you in 2014 again! I will say hello to the new year in my inspiration country no. 1 Incredible India, please note that our office will be closed and all orders coming in will be dispatched after January 14th. 

Be save, be bright, be merry. Yours Silvia


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