Intoxicating India – love it or loathe it

The idea behind my online-shop and label arised in Pushkar, Rajasthan, during my very first trip to India with my beloved friend Verena (check out her colorful Mochila and foulard bags on This was nearly four years ago just after I quit my sustained job at a human resources company in Zurich where a 60 hrs week was routine and I felt nothing but a robot chasing after KPIs and money for my managers. Back then India showed me its breathtaking colors and fabrics and I simply fell in love and revived my passion for fashion and design and handicraft. Since then this in every sense intoxicating country does not stop to inspire, impress, shape and affect me and blazes in my memory long after I have left its shores.

Such happened again a couple of weeks ago. I was originally planning to visit the north of the country last summer but due to heavy rain and floods I decided that the Himalaya has to wait for me. Instead I spent my time in Mumbai (one giant chaos and traffic metropolis), Goa (oh, I love you,  you spectacular beaches and spiritual energy waves) and Gujarat (my new eldorado for textiles; traditional artisans in tribal villages weave, embroider, dye and print some of the country’s finest fabrics). Read here the stories behind the “India’s treasures” – collections, which will be available online, soon.

India loves to surprise and toss up the unexpected. This can be challenging as poverty is confronting you all the time and Indian bureaucracy can be exasperating and the simplest tasks can turn into one giant epic. “Go with the flow” is what you literally learn to live and then the country can inspire, frustrate, thrill and confound you all at once. Love it or loathe it – to embrace India’s unpredictability is to embrace its soul.

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