New in on Tie-Dye Scarves handmade in India’s Kutch area

The Kutch area occupies the northernmost part of the state of Gujarat in western India and boarders with Pakistan. Historically it has been a melting pot with myriad communities migrating to the region over the past thousand years. Today it has a population of over 1.5 million. There are more than 200 tribal communities recorded to be living in Kutch (and each one has again many sects and subgroups) which produce – next to block printing, wood carving, pottery and other crafts –  some of India’s finest handicrafts, above all their textiles which glitter with exquisite embroidery and mirrorwork.

Silvia sourced among those heritage treasures some of Kutch’s most beautiful wool scarves during her stay there. These shawls are produced the same century-old way and take at least two days for finishing them: first the artisan weaves the fabric with white cotton yarn, second comes the dying process where little knots are tied so that the fabric gets colored and white spots remain. Then a specialized  embroiderer stitches in the patterns and mirrors. Last step is the so called “fukma” where the fringes at the end are wrapped.

Bring some color into grey winter days and broaden your style horizon with this tie-dye-chic accent. Simply letting this scarf hang over your shoulders or wrapping it around your neck will update any outfit with spirit-of-adventure flair. It’s the ultimate piece for the well-traveled and exotic dreamer. Shop here.

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