Place your faith in Fatima’s hand – brand new bracelets available on

Being inspired by exotic talismans found in Moroccan  souks Silvia continuously loves to work with the Fatima hand – as she did with her handmade kilim clutch Maryam.

The Hand of Fatima (also known as the Hand of Hamsa, the Hand of Miriam or the Hamesh hand) is a Muslim and Jewish symbol of good luck intended to ward off evil and protect against the evil eye and the envious. The Fatima is shaped like an open hand stopping or warning an enemy.

Thus “Take in the good. Ward off the bad” – was Silvia’s motivation to create precious bracelets to always be accompanied by the Fatima hand and thus be protected from evil spirits, but at the same time lend eclectic cool. Adorned with healing semi-precious stones and a 18k gold- plated Fatima hand all of these elegant and playful accessories are your or your best friend’s new lucky charm and daily companion. Glamorous and classic, wear them day in and day out to bring an exotic drama to every look.

Available here:

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