FACES. CHARACTERS. SPIRITS. SOULS – New interview series with inspirational people who create!

As I often get asked in interviews from where I source my inspiration I always answer that besides my travels above all the people in my life are the most influential inspiration. People, I am friends with since years, people, I get to know over my business, people, who cross my path while travelling, people, who belong to my family. You give me positive energy full of creativity and what I most admire is that you create and creation is what we are here for, our mission, our dream, our path.

So, I thought of changing the roles. I wanted to be the interviewer with lots of questions for people who are close to my mind and heart, who share the same spirit and who are following their dreams as yoga teacher,  hotel owner, technological start up, restaurant owner, fashion designer, artist, musician, and so on. I believe in sharing the same path we are all following, namely to do something from the bottom of our hearts, motivates others and reaches many more like-minded people to exchange ideas and projects for a better world we are living in.

I am very happy that beautiful ALYX KOTTMEIER is one of the first who strikes a pose here. I got to know Alyx in a yoga class, she tought in Agonda, Goa, India and immediately fell in love with her playful, easy and above all funny approach to yoga. Read here more about this beautiful soul:

1.  Short introduction:

Name: Alyx Kottmeier

Nationality: Child of the Universe

Age: ageless

Horoscope sign: Gemini

At the moment you are living in:  I’m a gypsy.  But this exact moment I’m at my parents house in Vancouver BC but in a few days I’ll be in France.



  1. Background:

– Please tell us briefly about your yoga practice and when and why you started teaching

So one day I walked into a Bikram’s class and hated it. So I came back the next day. Then after like a year of going to Bikram’s I saw figured out that there was many kinds of yoga. So I took a Teacher Training in Vinyasa Flow and just went the Flow. That Flow has sent me all around the globe it’s more magic.

You hated the first Bikram yoga lesson. What was the reason that you nevertheless went again the next day??!

I was hooked on 90 minutes of me time.   It was awful . My hands couldn’t touch the floor. But I kept on going. Plus they kept getting mad at me for laughing. But for 90 minutes I had a ditshti. My mind was focused. That’s the best. 



– What is GYPSALOVE?

Oh Gypsalove is my sweet love of my life . I breath it. It’s my soul. It’s a nomadic Jewelry. As I travel I design and make Jewelry with healing stones. The inspiration comes from yoga and the place where I am. So for instance last year it was Latin with a mix east infused. Because my yoga schedule was Mexico , Guatemala , Nepal,  and India. This year I’m teaching in Italy, France and India. So will see what I come up with.




3. We met in beautiful Goa / Agonda Beach where you gave very playful, funny, light, easy yoga lessons (what is very unusual in the “traditional / calm / spiritual yoga world). What is your approach to yoga? When and why did you start practicing?

This sounds strange but I  teach from my awkwardness. I teach from my rawness of who I really am. I tell my students. How I feel what’s on my mind. I tell them every thing. Class to me is suppose to be fun and sweaty. For a long time I was trying to be some one else. And it was just not working. I was swimming up stream. I have dyslexia. I do stuff backwards. So I just decided to be an awkward yoga teacher. I love to play so my classes are playful.

I started practicing because after a good play I feel secure. I feel free . I love to fly . I have one foot on earth and the other in heaven.



4. You are travelling a lot because of your yoga workshops.. What is your favorite place on earth and in which exotic/abnormal/unforgettable place did you practice yoga?

Playing in the Mayan Ruins was pretty awesome and practicing in Nepal over looking the Annapurna Circuit as the sun comes over the Himalayas can be so surreal.



5. Which book are you reading at the moment? And what is your favorite one?

Ha ha ha I can’t tell you


6. Are you in love?

YES, I’m in love with Martial Lacroix, to me he’s the man with the biggest heart in the world, I can jump in his heart and can live in there.



7. What is the best therapy for a heart break?

Raw chocolate , aqua blue waters infused with yoga and a best friend that’s it!!!!



8. Do you regret anything in your life?


9. How important it is for you what others might think about you?

 I don’t give two flying fucks what others think of me.

Of course, I want the people that love me. To be proud of me and to believe in me. I used to care about people comments.  One negative comment could ruin my day. So I just have to let it go, but of course I continue to practice everyday. I think the key is to be kind to all.

Alyx Jewels 4


10. Why are we here?

Because along time ago a speck of dust in some other universe put you here. We are adams just vibrating at different frequency . I am you , you are me. We are all one


11. Did you do something good for someone else today?

I gave my boyfriend morning cuddles does that count ?


12. Are you thinking of where you will be in 5/10/20 years?

Sitting at the side of some river watching my children swim. Living in a small house with my vegetable garden.

Alyx Jewels 2


13. Do you believe that there are other planets with (human) life in our universe?

Yes, of course. I could go on about this for years. Ha ha ha ha


14. Do you believe in god?

Yes !!!  Panchamamma is every where. Pachamama believe comes from the Andes / Ecuador region..

Do you have some connection to this area?

Maybe . It’s the first word that came to my head. And it felt so strong.  Mother Earth. The Devine. I was brought up in Guatemala.



http://gypsalove.myshopify.com/ – shop Alyx’s blissful jewelry

www.supersoulyoga.net – book a yoga retreat with Alyx in Tuscany and India






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