As I often get asked in interviews from where I source my inspiration I always answer that besides my travels above all the people in my life are the most influential inspiration. People, I am friends with since years, people, I get to know over my business, people, who cross my path while travelling, people, who belong to my family. You give me positive energy full of creativity and what I most admire is that you create and creation is what we are here for, our mission, our dream, our path.

So, I thought of changing the roles. I wanted to be the interviewer with lots of questions for people who are close to my mind and heart, who share the same spirit and who are following their dreams as yoga teacher,  hotel owner, technological start up, restaurant owner, fashion designer, artist, musician … I believe in sharing the same path we are all following, namely to do something from the bottom of our hearts, motivates others and reaches many more like-minded people to exchange ideas and projects for a better world we are living in.

I just came back from a breathtaking wedding in Florence and the next one is just a couple of days ahead. May and June are THE wedding months and this made me think of MARYAM YEGANEHFAR. She is the perfect example on how much I love my job through which I every day have the chance to meet fantastic people. Maryam stepped into my showroom two years ago because she read an article about my fashion and wanted to buy some accessories. The minute she walked in and tried some clothes I knew I liked her. And obviously she liked me. Today I call her one of my closest friends. Read here about this beautiful soul and founder of YAMYAM EVENT PRODUCTION:


Name: maryam yeganehfar

Nationality: persian

Age: 37

Horoscope sign: leo

At the moment you are living in: vienna, austria

Favorite food: changes all the time

Favorite ice-cream: strawberry

Favorite drink:   …   😉  … (I think I know) … GT & MM



What is yamyam event production? – a full service event agency focusing on event design and production. we do corporate events as well as weddings and private engagements 




Why did you jump into the cold water of independency? – there was the right moment to do so ..

What are your secrets of success? – live your dreams

Your events and weddings are known for their breathtaking decoration and set-up. From where do you source your inspiration? – from traveling, from walking through life with open eyes. i am book maniac, i buy all kinds of books and magazines and scout them for inspiration 




It’s May – the month of weddings. How will your own wedding look like one day? – my own wedding … hmm  a question often asked 😉 … i picture an island, or some place close to the ocean, friends and family, celebrating for days, eating, dancing, laughing, no rules, just being

And is there something you always tell your brides at the beginning of the ceremony (like Jennifer Lopez in “The Wedding Planner”)? … you look beautiful! and they always do, its that glow on a brides face that makes that very moment, before she walks down that isle, so special 




What was your most memorable event? … a 3 week event in monaco

When was the last time you did something for the very first time?   – almost every day

What is essential for a happy home? – to create a space that reflects yourself, is cozy and warm and then loads of lovely dinners and lunches with friends and family 🙂


You lived in several places. Which piece (of furniture) accompanied you everywhere? a small persian carpet … i guess that is very persian 😉

When was the last time you arranged your flat completely new? – constantly … my place is a work in progress until there is nothing to be done anymore, then i have to move again 🙂

Looking at your parents, can you tell which similarities you share with them? my moms passion for traveling and discovering new things, my dads love for beautiful things in life

Which place shaped and formed you most? the city of angels …

What are you afraid of most? .. the night before a big event i always dream that something went wrong 😉 

Do you think that taste tells a lot about the character of one person? .. taste is nothing objective … and that is  the beauty about it and that makes us all individuals 

What is your motivation in life? What your brakes? … my biggest motivation is that i love what i d and i think i am blessed for being able to say that …


Thank you, Maryam! For many more unforgettable moments with you!


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