We proudly present: Abdillah Boots at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week for ELFENKLEID

elfenkleid is known for its elegant & simple, straight forward collections and the use of highest quality materials. The designers Sandra Thaler and Annette Prechtl design modern interpretations of the bride, evening dresses as well as ready to wear collections. All the more we are happy and proud to play a small role at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week for elfenkleid.
Check out the amazing photographs from Lilli Steiner.

10710467_807688212596355_1794574048979231965_o (1) 10520545_807688375929672_5221349431238189734_o 10540646_807688215929688_2258111176036697822_o 10575224_807688345929675_8836074029254866951_o10582830_807688225929687_8048937025453674750_o10608757_807688412596335_4642045438708889415_o 10636403_807689095929600_1556772060208986158_o10636785_807688365929673_437971190451728677_o10648215_807689142596262_8689611626253038372_o 10648602_807688889262954_2821874151640162195_o 10649023_807688229263020_844581545936769243_o10688089_807688362596340_1135877719940488419_o10580898_807688825929627_4564618040529605163_o 10700630_807688915929618_7449720429555853931_o

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