Silvia Gattin featured in ELLE Germany

“If you work hard, amazing things will happen.”

This just happened and we feel very honoured and delighted to announce that our KILIM CLUTCH MARYAM made it to German fashion and lifestyle magazin ELLE. The bag is featured in the “Shopping Bible” under THE AFRICAN LOOK!

We are endlessly grateful and say VIELEN HERZLICHEN DANK!



  1. Lena

    May I suggest you offer the very same type of Maryam clutch mentionned in Elle in the webshop again? And similair ones with bright colours? I would definitely buy one! And by the way, I personally discovered your website when reading the Elle “fashion bible” after buying the magazine in Wagrain/Austria during my skiing holiday….just to say: Congrats! You have probably reached quite an audience 🙂


      Dear Lena,

      thank you so much for your message and nice words! Very happy you like the bags! As every model is unique there are only these pieces available that are online at the moment. Brighter ones will hopefully come with the next delivery. Stay tuned! And I hope you had great skiing holidays in Austria 😉 Best, Silvia

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