Approximately one year ago a dear friend asked me to take care of her dog Othello over the weekend. As a child, and I was for sure not the only one, I always wanted to have a dog but my father used to say that if a dog will ever enter our house, he will move out. Thus, this case was closed.

Well, 30 years later a dog entered “our” house and my father is amongst the first who love him the most. Because of Othello I started to think again of having a dog and it was clear to me that the right dog will come at the right time. And because there are so many homeless dogs out there I decided that if I should ever really have a dog, this one will be a rescued one. After numerous conversations with friends and dog-owners the word was spread and it took not long that I received a phone call: a friend of a friend rescued a puppy from the brutal hands of a homeless person and is looking for a home for him. We met and I got to know the 4 months old Bulgarian street dog, a real gypsy, a nomad, a traveler. In short: love at first sight.

Santo is with me now since nearly one year and he opened completely new horizons for me. Always walking him out in my Abdillah Kilim Boots I thought that he needs some traditional Kilim in his life as well. Last time I was in Marrakech I visited my Kilim Boots manufacturer and asked him to make a dog collar for Santo. And because we thought that Santo’s friends also need some more traveler vibes, we decided to make a whole collection to spread the same spirit.

All Kilim Dog Collars are handcrafted only using finest genuine and durable leathers and buckles from real brass. They are meant to last and last. Nothing ages more beautifully than leather and metals.

Santo and I look forward to see you and your dog going out in boho style. Shop all unique Kilim Dog Collars here.




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