Croatian National Costumes – the inspiration behind the new collection of blouses and summer dresses

National costumes and traditional garments have a very special place within the miraculous world of folk art. Amazing and unbelievable is the beauty of some articles of clothing of the past. An immense abundance of forms and contents reflects deep-rooted connections and a primeval harmony between man and nature, which seems to be almost forgotten today. With regard to the complete appearance, numerous diversities in materials, forms, making, colours and adornments of such traditional folk garments, this part of the material culture of Croats is quite unique in the world.

These traditional garments present the cultural identity of the Croats as a result of various interactions and migrations in the past, on the historical border between the West and the East. The ethnographic heritage of the Croats is a recognizable, valuable and significant cultural and historic feature which has always been a symbolic expression of the local, regional, even the national belonging. Therefore a patriotic emphasis of the inherited folklore values, as a treasure the Croats can be proud of worldwide, has its justification in terms of cultural and historic significance.

This is why I always wanted to work with elements of such a rich cultural tradition. Being raised by Croatian parents in Vienna I used to spend and still spend lots of time in this beautiful country that I call my second home. And I realized that one does not have to travel far to find eclectic handicraft and elaborate embroidery. Hence, I teamed up with a small tailor’s shop near the capital Zagreb that specializes in old and new traditional national costume sewing.

A collection of three pieces was formed: two blouses and a summer dress with exceptional elements of the Croatian national costume. Just in time for spring and summer. You can see and shop them here or in our newly opened store in Hollandstrasse 9, 1020 Vienna.


Ema backIva SliderAna Slider




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  1. Tihana Fabijanic

    Well, Silvia, again directly on my ethnological path! This was a big surprise – finding your interest turned also to Croatian traditional costumes. Hope you will find it as a successful collaboration.

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