Handknitted, luxury quality woolen goods for children: the story behind the new limited oochi poochi x Silvia Gattin collection

In times of mass production we can’t be happier to have teamed up with Austrian children’s brand oochi poochi standing for hand knitted, luxury quality woolen goods for children. Together we designed a limited collection of extraordinary pixie hats and organic cotton and cashmere triangle scarves with tassels and pom poms. Every single piece of this collection is handcrafted using only natural, sustainable and biodegradable materials to make environmentally sound items of value and high quality yarn from a fully certified organic farm in New South Wales, Australia. This farm has been breeding sheep for wool for over 150 years, and is renowned not just for the quality of the fibre its sheep produce, but also for its exemplary animal welfare record and sustainable farming practices. As a fully certified organic farm, no harmful chemicals are used either on the land or on the sheep.

Discover the full collection here.  Also available in our shop in Hollandstraße 9, 1020 Vienna.


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