New in on AZILAL RUGS – handcrafted rugs from Morocco

With this personally selected hand knotted Azilal rug collection Silvia highlights her mission to bring the rich tradition and culture of the Moroccan Berber people to Western living spaces. All Azilal tribal carpets come from the Azilal region located in the remote and hard to reach High Atlas Mountains. The idea behind the collection is to share this ancient art and its abstract meaning with the world, helping to preserve the Berber heritage and century-old skills of the indigenous Moroccan tribes. Creating jobs, reinvesting in the local community and supporting the development of thriving artisan weaving communities by protecting the environment in which they live and work allows families to flourish in future.

Made from virgin raw and dyed wool, Berber rugs are true treasures that embellish over time but also an open book full of symbology, a hidden language knotted in wool that only Berber women know how to interpret.

An open door to the past, inherited from generation to generation, from grandmothers, mothers and daughters. Magical rituals, scenes from her nomadic life, symbols of protection and female empowerment shape a secret language that tells the story of each weaver.

It is this combination of magic symbolism and minimalist utility that gives the Berber carpets their unique appeal. Each carpet carries the weaver’s desire to protect the human spirit from negative energy and shield the human body from the elements.

Whether we lay them on our floors or hang them on our walls, these story-filled pieces of art become talismans for our everyday lives.



Find all available Azilal rugs here:

Material: 100 % natural, organic lamb’s wool

Color: off white / creamy beige with colorful berber symbols

Measurements: varies between 240 – 260 cm x 140 – 160 cm

Please e-mail us to your inquiry with the number of the rug. We will get back to you with exact measurements and prices such as shipping information.

Photo Credit: Pinterest. Silvia Gattin.


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