New in: Indian blockprint dresses

India. Either you hate this country. Or you love it. I am counting myself to the ones who love India. Although very often once there I love it and hate it at the same time. It’s such a controversial country full of discrepancies, silent and loud, magical and devilish, beautiful and awful, rich and poor. Everything at the same time.
India, in the first place, is an incredible inspirational country for me. Not only spiritually but also in terms of fabrics and colors. These ancient traditions full of heritage and history make my heart jump. And the creative processes in my head dance.
Earlier this year, I traveled again to this incredible country and also to Sri Lanka for the first time (see here the travel report), where I actually fell in love with the forms of textile printing. The traditional Indian block print was always familiar to me, but only now I have discovered it for myself and found a partner in Jaipur, Rajasthan, who transformed my ideas into reality. The result is a collection of light cotton dresses, elaborately printed by hand with wooden models. Read here more about the production process.
A couple of weeks ago we organized a photo shooting to put the new collection into the right spotlight. I recently read a quote which sums up everything what happened that day. It says, that behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back. Saying that, I want to thank my fantastic team for this unforgettable day and the amazing work we all made: Valerie Voithofer behind the camera, Britta Tess for make-up and hair and my natural beauties and sisters Sophia Galen and Leonie Hauser. Here is the outcome: Photo: Valerie Marie VoithoferPhoto: Valerie Marie VoithoferPhoto: Valerie Marie VoithoferPhoto: Valerie Marie VoithoferPhoto: Valerie Marie VoithoferPhoto: Valerie Marie Voithofer
All dresses are available in my online-shop and in my concept store in Hollandstrasse 9, 1020 Vienna.

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