Tamegroute: last place before the desert. Traditional Moroccan pottery back in stock.

Tamegroute lies in South Morocco, just before the immense Sahara. In the Berber language, Tamegroute means “last place before the desert” and was the last stop for the caravans who travelled across the desert on camels.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-07-02 um 11.22.51

Within the town there are 7 ovens belonging to 7 pottery families – with each relative carrying out different tasks and passing the art form down to the next generation.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-07-02 um 11.34.10

Each piece is unique – the amount of glaze applied as well as where they are placed in the oven will produce different results. And with 1% copper added to the glaze, the pottery gets its’ distinctive green coloring along with the imperfections and scars that give them character and tell this wonderful story.


A personal selected collection of handcrafted Tamegroute plates, bowls and fruit bowls is available in my concept store “Silvia Gattin” in Hollandstrasse 9, 1020 Vienna. Find more interior and home accessories in my online shop www.silviagattin.com.


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