Back to life with Supersoul Yoga’s Soul Flow Yoga Retreat

“Forgive. Let go. Move on.” Yoga instructor Nina’s words and lots of other precious memories are still wandering around my head when thinking of and contemplating Supersoul Yoga‘s Soul Flow Yoga Retreat in Istria, Croatia, I attended couple of weeks ago. Even in this moment remembering all those beautiful days tears of joy are rolling down my cheeks.

Do you know that feeling when the universe is throwing you one hard life challenge after the other and at a certain point all you can do is hysterically laugh because you absolutely don’t know how to cope with certain situations anymore?! I went through this and as I would have known I need a serious break from everything I enrolled in this yoga retreat long before life played roller-coaster with me.

In a tiny village called Orihi in the middle of Istria (from now on I call it the “Tuscany of Croatia”) a group of more or less unknown women from every generation got together from all around the world. We followed twice a day Nina Vukas‘ stunning chakra flow based yoga practice, were pampered with Maja Hefecek DELICIOUS vegetarian nourishing food, made trips around the country and strolled around unique Motovun and picturesque Groznjan, went on a boat trip around Rovinj, visited an olive oil production.

But all of this would not have been so special without all the beautiful souls I am deeply grateful to have met during the retreat. I can not say enough THANK YOU for all the laughter we shared (Sanja and Sanjin, please found a cabaret), for reformative Shiatsu massages (Suzana, I will come to Pula, be prepared) and energy healings (Sanja, no more words needed), for deepening my yoga practice (Nina, you are truly the best), for memorable moments of sharing life’s secret challenges (Annie, say hello to your amazing mom), for bringing all these souls together (Dejana, please continue your precious work and Supersoul platform) and last but not least for the best room-mate one can imagine (Sanda, I know we are going to see us before but LATEST next year at the same place; can’t wait for a new NES scan).

The retreat, yoga, food, healing sessions and on top all you amazing people: you all brought me back to life. Eternal love. Eternal gratitude.

01 02 03 05 06 07 08 11 12 14 15 16 18 23 28 29 31 32 34 36 37 38 40 41 46 47 48 49 51 10687127_953911094640732_3657893514044392560_n 11124889_1619847851594486_5385687949404901151_o 11242792_10153041945503237_1614416836675539834_o 11270575_10153073061123237_1559404945847406893_oAll pictures are taken by unique legend Sanjin Kastelan for Supersoul Yoga. Of course we played around with my Abdillah Kilim Boots and Gipsy Bliss Tattoos. Thank you all for the awesome shooting.

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