We proudly present our stockists! This month: The Little Black Cat, Vienna

As we are selling our accessories and home decoration not only over our online-shop http://www.silviagattin.com but also through our international stockists, we thought it’s about time to start presenting you our wonderful partners and interesting ladies with lots of taste.

This month we visited Vicky from The Little Black Cat in Vienna.


Since when does The Little Black Cat exist?

The Little Black Cat is indeed still a “little” 😉
The opening was on March 18th 2016 and is therefore still growing. But I’m confident, that me and my clients have some cat years ahead of us and i’m really looking forward to it.

Where is your shop located and why did you choose that exact spot?

We’re located just behind the Museumsquartier in Breite Gasse 9, Vienna. It’s super easy to reach with public transport (take the U2/U3, the tram 49 or bus 48A to the stop Volkstheater) or easy to stop by after a walk on Mariahilferstraße. But this exact place was more of an accident. I saw that it was to rent one day on my way to the underground. After some thoughts I decided to give it a try and I’m now really happy about the location and the shop.

How do you choose your partners and how many differnet labels do you sell?

I sell a lot of really small labels, it’s between 10 and 15 different ones, including the accessoires.
When choosing clothes for the shop I’m looking for things that are a bit different than the rest, but still wearable and affordable. My focus are French labels, that are not well-known here in Austria, as well as some Scandinavian labels. I think that this mix of two different styles is a good one. The accessoires are mostly Austrian labels that offer really special handmade products. ❤

Which additional activities are scheduled for the next months? (pop-up stores, markets, sales, etc.)

Of course we will have the classic summer and winter sales. Additionally we are now planning fleamarkets for the next year, where you can find even more special offers and where I will also sell some of my clothes. Also I will start a new event at the end of this year or beginning of 2017. Once per month I’ll invite to a “CATurday”, with special sales, prosecco (or beer ;)) and a make-up artist.

Do you have an online-shop?

I don’t have an online shop and i’m not planning on doing one, honestly. But if you find something on our homepage or facebook page that you like, just send a quick email, questions will be answered and we are more than happy to ship what you desire.

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