In times of computerised mass production and “Made in China” I believe it’s important to highlight the imprint of the human hand and materials that are converted wih strong confidence of every hand movement into breath-taking products. ‘s ABDILLAH BOOTS are such a product and unique and vibrant highlight and build the focus behind the concept to support sustainability, rare originals and traditional hand-craft techniques. 

Handmade in Marrakech’s medina by talented artisans the Abdillah Boots are made of high quality goat and calf leather and kilim rugs in thousands of different colors and patterns telling a long history as collected from all over the country. Every boot is produced the traditional, original and most of all authentic way while no chemicals or child labour or sweat shops are involved.

Now every pair of ‘s Abdillah Kilim Boots is branded by hand with the original “V” – Logo on the inner side. And to guarantee a boots’ long life every pair has a rubber sole for poise on rainy or even snowy days.  

So, sample the arts and crafts trend and make your pair of Abdillah Boots the highlight of your undeniably new year-, versatile and unique cool look! Teamed with jeans, dresses, shorts etc. these boots are the ultimate way to tap into the new season!

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