Cape Town: when you are still inspired by interior objects from South Africa

Summer time. Holiday time. The next travel destination is called Georgia. And while I started to research a little bit about the country’s must see-s and do-s, I realized I actually never shared my last big travel story, which brought me to South Africa end of last year. Especially because its’ vast range of breathtaking interior objects is still vibrating in my head. And I am extremely happy that I was able to already bring some of those, extraordinary chairs from Malawi and delicately handwoven baskets from Zimbabwe, to my concept store in Vienna (online on soon, I promise).


So, Cape Town. I never went on a journey so spontaneously like the one to Cape Town. I booked my ticket 5 days before the departure date and had absolutely no clue where exactly I am going to. I have to admit, I did not fall in love with the city at first sight. I had to get to use to the circumstance that you can’t move like and where and when you want, that you are dependent from a vehicle (plus driving on the left side for the first time – with a bandage on your left hand, haha), that distances are vast, that criminality is high and you should always be alert. More than in any other place. However, the city and moreover this speechless beauty of nature around caught my heart. My highlight: driving down to the Cape of Good Hope. One could think, I would be working on ticking off my bucket list. Not only three months before this trip I was staring at the world’s most highest mountains (read my travel memories from Nepal and the Himalaya here), then I’ve been to the most South Western point of the African continent. We all know: life is full of surprises. And I love life.



My favorite places and must see-s in Cape Town have been:

  • The Biscuit Mill (don’t miss the amazing Saturday Food Market and during the week delicious breakfast)


  • Bo Kaap (color party – painted in vivid colors, the jumble of crumbling and restored heritage houses and mosques along the cobblestoned streets are visually captivating and a storybook of inner-city gentrification)


  • Silo District (start the day with a breakfast at The Yard and go visit the recently opened Zeitz Mocaa Museum with contemporary African art)
  • District Six Museum (you want to dive into the history of South Africa? Visit this museum. You will leave strongly emotionally touched)IMG_5753
  • Lion’s Head & Table Mountain (hike up Cape Town’s home mountains and enjoy the breathbreathbreathtaking views)
  • Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens & Wynberg (a spectacular showcase for the Cape floral kingdom, also declared a World Heritage Site. Unique concert venue. Don’t miss to have a coffee and stroll around stylish interior design shops in close-by picturesque Wynberg)


  • Kalk Bay & Muizenberg & Whitstand Beach & Chapman’s Peak Drive (Cape Town’s little neighbors and kite surf mekkas, that can be seen)
  • Stellenbosch & De Graaf Winery & Root 44 Market (beside nature and surfing, drinking wine is a MUST in Cape Town)


  • Restaurants and Cafes I fell in love with (and still remember the name: Asoka, The Yard, Olympia Bakery, Skinny Legs, Kloof Street House, Truth Coffee Roasting, The Gin Bar and many more)

    So while I was sitting at the Cape of Good Hope and staring at the Atlantic and Indian Ocean all I could think of was feeling and saying “dankee”, South Africa and all amazing new and old souls around me. Thank you, you all know who you are, for making the start of 2018 truly unique.

    You can see more impressions on my Instagram highlight stories:

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