Charity & practicalities: introducing the new Safar inflight travel bag

Earlier this year I came across the SAFAR travel bag, a reusable handcrafted alternative to regular 1-liter plastic bags, which are mandatory for any liquids carried on board a flight. I immediately fell in love with this smart accessory and teamed up with the brand to together create a limited collection of inflight cosmetics cases. We proudly present SILVIA GATTIN x SAFAR.



The cosmetics case can hold multiple 100ml liquid containers, and due to its design, offers more space than conventional single use plastic bags. It fits perfectly in any hand luggage trolley and offers perfect visibility while searching for your beauty products. As a see-through bag the design is meeting international airport security regulations, therefore mainly accepted while traveling.



The travel bag offers a multi reusable alternative to the common single used plastic bags, which are distributed at every airport security. By changing to our cosmetics case you are swapping to an alternative that is less wasteful and that can be used during your travels as well as in your day to day routine and handbag.



With every purchase, you do good. Each travel bag is handmade in Jaipur, Rajasthan India, by the women of the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation, a non-governmental organization to support unprivileged women, which we empower with every single production. The Princess Diya Kumari Foundation is a social initiative and was founded by Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur to ensure sustainable livelihoods, facilitating improved standards of living and create a healthy socio-economic environment.


From the traditional block printed fabrics (as in our collection) to the tassel we use the aim is to have most parts handmade in house by the skilled women of the Foundation. While introducing the world of Indian craftsmanship, which is our credo for years now, and unique design from the region, we are making sure everything is produced under fair conditions.



The collection contains two groups offering each three styles: the first one is made of the traditional Indian block print fabrics, strong and lively colors that bring you immediately into a good mood. The second one is made of dark red, green and blue velvet fabric, which makes the travel bags the perfect gift for Christmas or all male customers and frequent travelers. Two optional tassels can be fixed to the zip fastening of each velvet travel bag.

Shop all SAFAR inflight cosmetics cases here:




In this photo you see Safar’s founder Olivia with the team of the of the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation in Jaipur, India.

Photo Credit: SAFAR TRAVEL BAG / Nuno Filipe Oliveira for SILVIA GATTIN



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